Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hi all, sorry for the hiatus. I've had a busy couple of weeks -- first I went to San Francisco, and then two days after I got back I went to Amsterdam, arriving home on the very day that classes started here.

Anyhoo, just a couple of random thoughts. First, this photo. I took it in a cheese shop in Amsterdam. I figured I'd share it with you all, since I'm all about promoting happiness here. And this certainly makes me happy. The cheese was just as good as you might imagine. We tried an awesome edam, and a really awesome orange something or other that was gouda-like but not gouda (it's in the photo but I can't make out the name), and a delicious aged gouda with big salt chunks. Anyone out there got a favorite cheese? I really love this one cheese called Robusto that we used to get at Whole Foods, which is one of those aged goudas (or gouda-like cheeses anyway). I also really like this one particular cheese called Humboldt Fog which is a goat milk cheese with a layer of ash in it. And as far as less exotic things go, I also really enjoy fresh mozzarella. And ricotta. And cotija. Oh, cheese.

On an unrelated note, the Admiral sent me this article about Oprah. You've all no doubt heard Oprah's recent revelation that she's gained a bunch of weight, and maybe you've read some critiques of her hand-wringing about it. But I think this article puts the whole thing into perspective in an interesting way.

I guess that's it for now. I swear I'll post more regularly in the future!