Friday, April 25, 2008

What if Shirley Skeel had a brain?

Today I found this wretched piece of dreck by Shirley Skeel entitled "What if no one were fat?" via a link from Cthulhu's Cafeteria, where Teppy gives it a proper (and hilarious) skewering. I won't even bother, myself.

There are some other good responses to the article here and here.

I was looking for info on this Shirley Skeel person, but didn't find much. She has a page on Biznik, which describes itself as "business networking that doesn't suck" -- of course Biznik never claims that "people who use our business networking don't suck".

That is all for now.


Sean said...

I just read that stupid piece of American pseudo journalism trash and I sent a letter to the MSN editors to tell them how I feel. What a POS. I like your question much better.

Brother Seamus said...

Hey, stop stealin' my thunder, pal.

Get your own fat chick, Sean!

Shhh said...

Whoa! That is IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE!! You're right - Teppy's response is really hilarious. Fat power!!

Mary said...

Haha, looks like we have two Seans. But hey Brother Seamus, you can't very well get territorial about the name since you use a pseudonym. I say the more Seans the merrier, provided they all spell it the right way. ;)

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)