Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happiness pie

I haven't posted for several days because nothing pissed me off enough. Today there were plenty of things that pissed me off that I was considering blogging about, namely:

1. This children's book.

2. 'Roided-out pervy weightlifters with butt-fucking ugly faces' coming on FA blogs to tell us we're too fat to snag hotties like them.

3. The daily, incessant objectification of women and vilification of fat.

4. Lies about fat in the media.

5. Stereotypes, fear-mongering, and general bullshit, even in articles reporting the fact that childhood "obesity" rates leveled off almost ten fucking years ago (so where's this big scary epidemic we keep hearing about?).

But then I decided, fuck it. Other people did a pretty good job handling most of those issues anyway (except for #5 -- I haven't seen any responses on FA blogs yet, but I'm sure they'll be out there by tomorrow). And I've realized that I have a little bit of a formula going on here: read a news article about fat that pisses me off, blog about it.

I'm going to try a new approach in the future, which involves being more proactive and less reactive. For those who enjoy bitter rants, don't worry, I have plenty in me, and god knows there are plenty of dumbshit "journalists" out there with their heads way up their asses (Shirley Skeel, anyone?) who are eager to keep spewing hate and ignorance and provide me with fodder. But for every pissed-off rant, I'm going to try and balance things out with a positive post that isn't directly prompted by some fatphobic asshole.

For today, since I'm busy getting ready to go out of town, I'll keep things short and simple. Here are five things that are cool and/or make me happy:

1. This guy's mixes.

2. Slugs.

3. Coffee porn.

4. TypeRacer.

5. This cat.


Rachel said...

Because of the nature of things we write about, it's easy to become mired in the anger and frustration of which we write about. I had to take a step back some months ago and take a mini-break from the blog because I found it was spilling over into my personal life. I now try to keep a balance of affirming posts to counteract the angry, defensive ones I write. It's just sad that it's harder to find these empowering stories to write about, while its so very easy to find the ones to be angry about.

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment, Rachel. I mostly don't let it get to me -- I find venting on the blog to be very therapeutic. But if I had half as much troll traffic as some people do, maybe I'd feel differently. This is actually part of why I never put my blog on the fatosphere feed.

Laura said...

OMG, I also love TypeRacer! People could tell at work when I was working on my thesis and when I was playing TypeRacer depending on the fury with which I was typing.

And that children's book was revolting.

Mary said...

Dude, we should make a date to go head-to-head in TypeRacer.

And yeah, that children's book is totally awful. When I was a kid, we had stuff like "Free to be You and Me". How times have changed...

Laura said...

Oh, I will take you down. No more same team plane trivia. I'll have you know, my helicopter knowledge also increases my typing speed.

Anonymous said...

Coffee...need I say more?? I love espresso art, particularly when I get to drink it afterward. I am a caffeineholic. I drink enough coffee to support the South American continent with ease. Horrible I know, but fun for me!!