Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's time for another episode of...

Spot The Cliche!

How many can you count in this CNN article?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately -- I've just been busy. More soon.

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Mary said...

OK, just one thing I have to point out (though for the most part I think the article speaks for itself). Do you love how they say that this woman was wider than she was tall? They actually say "wider around", but that phrase doesn't mean anything -- the term is "circumference", but of course saying the woman's circumference was larger than her height would not pack nearly the same "OMG fat" punch, so why not refer to it as width?

You can make anybody sound like a real fatass by talking about measurements that way -- e.g., someone with a 36 inch waist is "three feet wide around". Ew, fat!!!