Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yeah, but you're still a tool

So David Noonan can't believe he's still a vegan. What I can't believe is that this is considered "news". This guy is obviously a huge fucking narcissist, but why on earth did an editor have to indulge him in it? David Noonan, I do not give a shit if you are vegan. And I really don't care about your philosophy of "food as fuel", except perhaps as a data point in our recent poll. What I do care about, though, is your asshole attitude towards fat, because unfortunately someone thought it would be a great idea to give you a large audience for your smug little rant. I'm sure you just think it's cute and funny, but did it ever occur to you that reinforcing the idea that being fat is a fate worse than death might contribute to people choosing death over fat? And before you say that's ridiculous, just take a look at this, and this, and this. And then go fuck yourself.

On a lighter note, my friend's brother features as the villain/instigator in this story on about the "Krispy Kreme Challenge," a very interesting annual tradition at NC State where you run 4 miles. Oh yeah, and eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in the middle of it. The idea appeals to me for so many reasons, but watching the video convinced me that this is not an event that I ever need to try to participate in myself. See what you think!


Brother Seamus said...

This is my favorite line in the article:

"And tonight I'll have some roasted vegetables and maybe a beer (a plant-based beverage, thank you very much)."

What in the hell would a non-plant-based beverage be? Good on you, pal, for laying off the pork wine or the chicken whiskey!

Mary said...

Maybe he used to drink blood.

Anonymous said...

Why so negative? I am a (non-fat) curious visiter of your blog, but you don't seem a happy fatty but all your articles are full of rage against fat discrimination.

Although I agree that this is one of the fixtures of our culture, why don't live in peace with your fatty you? Stop bothering about weight and what others think about fat people and start living a fat happiness and peace.

Fat rules!

Mary said...

Anonymous, you don't know me personally (I assume), so it's a little weird for you to tell me I don't "seem" happy! Being happy and at peace with myself does not require me to believe that everything in the world is right and good the way it is, or to just shut up about it if I think there's something wrong with our society. I think you're confusing happiness with complacency.