Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sometimes you're pleasantly surprised

I saw this link on CNN today about Sanjay Gupta's new "Four Months to Fitness" program and I was like, oh no, what new anti-fat crap is he going to have for us today? Because let's face it, the guy has a history of saying some pretty fucked-up shit about fat (that last one really gets me -- there's a part where Gupta says "The obesity epidemic radically changed the way new Natalie's Bridal Shop does business. Five to 10 years ago, owner Jeannie Posner sold mostly size 6 and 8. Now it's more like 8 to 14" -- er, yeah, because people who wear sizes 8-14 are totally obese...?).

I started reading and the first specific detail he mentioned about the plan was a website for tracking what you eat, and I figured this was more of Gupta's same old anti-obesity bullshit. But then I kept reading and it got to be mostly about exercise, and my fat ass almost fell out of my chair when I got to this sentence: "While smaller waists and less weight are things that will inevitably occur as you start incorporating these tips into your life, the real goal is a longer, more functional and exceptional life – free of disease and dysfunction." Wow. I mean, I don't agree that weight loss is "inevitabl[e]" with exercise and/or eating a healthy diet (as opposed to a weight loss diet), but I can totally get behind the whole rest of what he's saying there. Maybe this program is actually kind of cool. It almost makes me want to join, except not quite, because Sanjay Gupta is still an asshole. Maybe just less of an asshole than I thought before.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, what an asshole for making the asinine claim that you should eat 2000 calories a day instead of 3000

Mary said...

Um, that's not really what I was referring to. Why don't you actually look at the links I posted and get a clue before making your sarcastic remarks? kthx!