Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reason #872 why men don't want to date fat chicks*

Apparently being in the company of a fat person means you are fat too.

Case in point: Last night Admiral Seamus and I were walking out of the gym (yes, the same gym) after working out, and some high school kids drove by and one of them yelled, "You guys should hit the gym more often!"

By now I am not particularly sensitive about incidents like this, so I won't necessarily blog about it every time someone looks at me funny for being fat. But the reason I thought this was interesting is that somehow Seamus was perceived as a fatty (or at least as someone needing to go to the gym) just by virtue of walking next to me. I would say the remark could have referred to our sweaty and disheveled appearance (I in particular get pretty red-faced when I exercise), but this happened at about 10:30pm and it was way too dark for them to see anything but our body shapes, especially since they were driving by. For those who don't know him, Seamus does not look at all like a fat person. I just calculated our BMI's, and his is in the "Healthy Weight" category. (Mine, on the other hand, is in the "Severely Obese" category.) So basically he got pegged as a fat person by association. And that, my friends, is another in a long list of reasons to avoid fat people at all costs.

*And yes, I know that a lot of men want to be with fat chicks, but let's not deny the fact that many of them do not.


Ms. Pants said...

Holy damn. That fatastical post completely tore me up.

Mary said...

I know, it is awful. Granted, it's totally unscientific, and it's Craigslist, but still.

BTW, for new readers wondering about my use of the BMI calculator: No, I don't endorse the BMI concept. On the whole I think BMI skews fat, meaning that your BMI category is likely to say you're fatter than you are, because (among other things) it doesn't account for muscle mass. I just wanted to give some external justification for my claim that Seamus isn't a fatty, and short of sharing his height and weight with you, I thought that would be the best way since if even the BMI calculator says you're a "Healthy Weight" (whatever the fuck that means) then you must be pretty slim. But I don't want anyone to have the idea that I think BMI has any value whatsoever.

jenna sais quoi said...

Oh man.

I found you via Ms. Pants, and I have to say that my fave part of the post you linked was the comment that fat people are genetically inferior because we would have been easy prey.

Because you know, we are slow, and therefore are more likely to be caught by the pursuing Velociraptor/Siberian tiger/whatever.

You know he put a lot of thought into it, which almost makes it funnier.